Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater is a precious resource due to increase in dem and from our ever growing population. Changes in rain fall pattern sin the India have seen both drought conditions and flooding.

The Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) has made rainwater harvesting mandatory in all institutions and residential colonies in notified areas (South and southwest Delhi and adjoining areas like Faridabad, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad).This is also applicable to all buildings innotified areas that have tube wells. The deadline for this was for March31, 2002.

The CGWA has banned drilling of tube wells in notified areas.

Rain water harvesting is one of the most effective methods of water management and water conservation.

It involves collection and storage of rain water at surface or in sub-surface aquifer, before it is lost as surface run off. The augmented resource can be harvested in the time ofneed.

This is a very useful method for a developing country like India in reducing the cost and the dem and of treated water and also economizing the treatment plants operation, maintenance and distribution costs.