Flow Meters

Electromagnetic Flow Meter
• Flow measurement with unit conversion facility
• Material options depending upon process data

Media: Liquids (Conductive)
Power Supply: 90 -260 V AC, 50 Hz; OPTIONAL: 24 VDC
Line Size: 15 NB to 600 NB (for higher line size, please consult factory) Output: 4 to 20 mA DC;OPTIONAL: HART/Pulse/Communication Port Transmitter Enclosure:Integral;OPTIONAL: Remote (Max.25 mtrscable)
Accuracy:_+0.5% of F. S. (for 20 to 100% flow)
Material of construction: As per requirement
Transmitter Enclosure: Die cast Aluminum IP 66, flow tube IP 68 Operating pressure: Upto 10kg/cm2 (Others: please specify Process Connections: ASA 150 flanged, as per table B 16.5

Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Suitable for conductive &nonconductive liquids
No moving parts, no pressure drop, no maintenance.
INSERTION TYPE/ Potable Type – Also available for a wide range of pipe sizes from DN65mm to DN4500 mm.

Power Supply: 90-240V AC 50/60Hz _+Display : 16×2 LCD Display Output: 4 – 20mA DC 15%, 5VA max,/ 10- 28V DC, 2.5VA max.

Accuracy: _+1.0% of F. S.

Maximum permitted pressure: 1.6MPa, classes MAP 16 Protection class : IP 67
Optional: RS 485 Communication
Flange Connection: EN 1092-1 Alternatively ANSI (Others-Please specify)