Ozone generators are available in several series with capacities from 2 gm O3/hr up to >200 kgO3/hr product from air or oxygen

The ozone generators are fully equipped with all components necessary for automatic operation ready for operation The air-fed type ozone generators include in general a desiccant air dryer.

Vacuum type ozone generators, which are commonly used for swimming pool water treatment, are available from 2 gmO/hr up to > 1050 gmO/hr.

Applications of Ozonator

  • Bacterial Disinfection
  • Viral Inactivation
  • Oxidation of Soluble Iron and/or Manganese DE
  • Complexing organically bound manganese (Oxidation) Colour
  • Removal (Oxidation)
  • Taste Removal (Oxidation)
  • Algae Removal (Oxidation)
  • Removal of Organics (Oxidation) such as pesticides, detergents, phenols
  • Removal of Cyanides (Oxidation)
  • Suspended Solid Removal (Oxidation)
  • Increase Bio-degradability of Dissolved Organics
  • Preparation of Granular Activated Carbon for Biological Removal of Ammonia and Dissolved Organics