Online Continuous Effluent Monitoring System

Online Effluent Monitoring – BOD/COD/TSS/pH and more parameters We conform to the final guideline of CPCB.

Monitor continuously the effluents in water from AN Yremote location in real time using PC/Table/SmartPhones.

Detect unacceptable change in water quality immediately. Continuous online monitoring ensures effluents levels in discharged water atoutlet is always with in regulatory norms. This aids in optimizing water and waste water treatment processes.

Our Technology: UV Vis Absorption Spectroscopy

Constantly monitor water quality parameters like :

  1. pH
  2. BOD
  3. COD
  4. TSS
  5. Conductivity
  6. DissolvedOxygen
  7. ORP
  8. Turbidity
  9. AmmoniumNitrate
  10. TOCIn Real Time

One of our typical set up comprises of:

  1. Sensors
  2. ConnectingCables
  3. A Terminator and/or Controller,and
  4. Data Communication module usinga LAN/MODBUS/PROFIBUS or 4G/3G/2GGSM/GPRS Modems for remote connectivity.

That is not all.

For accuratem easurements we are at your back & call. We will partner for swift analysis and continuous monitoring of waste process and drinking water.