Domestic RO

System Options for Domestic RO

  • Pre-Sediment Filter – Removes fine and coarse particulate impurities/dirt and improves life of the System.
  • Carbon Filter It also adsorbs bad taste and odour-causing organic compounds from water.
  • RO MembraneRemoves dissolved salts, hardness. It also removes microbial contaminants like bacteria, virus, protozoa.
  • UV Reactor A UV Sterilizer is a proven method to kill bacteria, viruses and protozoa.
  • UF (Ultrafiltration) – UF membranes remove high molecular-weight substances, colloidal materials, and organic and inorganic polymeric molecules including bacteria.
  • Mineral Cartridge Filter give sweet taste to the pure drinking water, this mineral filter also makes the water healthy for drinking.
  • TDS ControllerIt Controls the TDS of Water and Adds adequate quantities of essential minerals to the purified water.
  • Auto-Flushing System – It is to help prevent scaling or fouling of RO membrane by providing a rapid rinse which washes away impurities from the membrane‚Äôs surface and keeps the membrane clean.

Water Flow Diagram

Spare Parts for Domestic RO

  • Sediment Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • Cartridge/Spun/Candle Filter
  • RO Membrane
  • RO Housing
  • Filter Housing
  • Booster Pump
  • UV Tube
  • UV Barrel
  • UV Chock
  • UF
  • Mineral
  • Alkaline Filter
  • Post Activated Carbon Filter
  • TDS Adjuster
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Auto Flushing
  • SMPS
  • Float Switch
  • Inlet Outlet Connector
  • Pipes & Fitting
  • RO Cabinet